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Activities on the island

Our island is de facto a small island at the end of the sea, yet we can offer a wide range of activities.

Walk up the stairs and see the view from the top of the Pater Noster Lighthouse, where you can also meditate and practice yoga. Here you can experience a relaxing massage in a seated position while taking in the beautiful view.

Find your own favourite spot on the rocks. Take a refreshing sea bath, cool off in the outdoor shower or enjoy our outdoor hot tubs with heated seawater, take a sauna next to the lighthouse with stunning views of the horizon.

You can fish from the island, harvest seaweed with a marine biologist, go on a seaweed safari, take a trip between the cobbles for a seal safari or paddle a sea kayak and swim with the seals. The possibilities are as limitless as the horizon but of course the season dictates based on the weather and wind. For more information see below.

To experience

Sea kayaking around islets and islets

Paddle about 2h with a guide in a sea kayak among the islets and islets around Pater Noster. Enjoy the salty winds as we gently glide through the Paternoster Archipelago and its surrounding islands. We may be joined by curious seals on the tour as we paddle out into the far reaches of the coastline, exploring the archipelago via small straits and coves where only a kayak can reach.

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Coastal experience with speed

Get a true West Coast experience with an ocean tour that can take from 1-3 hours. Experience all that the West Coast has to offer for the day and come with high expectations! Around Pater Noster there are seals, porpoises, works of art and sunsets that trigger each other depending on the weather and time of day. We travel in a rib boat and you decide the length of the trip, number of stops on the way and speed. To book you need to email us your wishes and request.


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Fishing trip with a fisherman

One of the few remaining professional fishermen on Marstrand offers a unique experience for fishing enthusiasts. During the fishing season from May to October, he shows his favorite fishing spots and shares his best tips for a successful fishing trip. Game fishing is popular and it is common to catch cod, mackerel, saithe, dogfish, butterfly and ling. The outer reefs around Pater Noster at a depth of 15-40 meters is usually the fishing area. During the lobster fishing season in October there is a different type of fishing, where you can catch lobsters in traps placed on the seabed. A really exciting and educational activity for anyone who loves fishing and wants to discover the best fishing on the West Coast. To book, email us your request.


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Seal safari

Seals are a common sight on the west coast and there are several species that thrive in this area. The two most common species that can be seen on the West Coast are gray seals and harbor seals. Seals are fascinating animals that are known to be skilled hunters and spend most of the day hunting for fish and shellfish. Once they have filled their stomachs, you can often find them lying on small rocks digesting their food. It is not uncommon to see a group of seal pups gathered around an adult seal, which takes care of them and gives them security. These social animals live in colonies and usually stay within a limited area. The gray seal is the largest seal species on the west coast and can weigh up to 300 kg. Males have a characteristically large nose called a haremuller. Grey seals are common in the Kattegat and Skagerrak, where they are most often found in the open sea and on rocky islands. The harbor seal is a smaller species, weighing between 100-200 kg. They thrive in coastal areas and can often be seen in ports and fishing villages. They prefer shallow areas with lots of rocks and cliffs where they can rest and sunbathe. The harbor seal is known for its large eyes and beautiful fur. Seals are very important to the ecosystem on the west coast. They act as a vital link in the food chain and are an important part of marine biodiversity. But even though they are a natural part of our fauna, it is important to show respect and keep your distance when visiting their habitats. Seals are intelligent animals and have developed communication with each other. They also have a hierarchical structure within the group, with older and larger individuals having a higher status. However, when food runs out in one place, it may be time for the seals to try their luck elsewhere. Sometimes they can even be out of reach for an hour's boat ride. But don't worry, we at the seal safari tour will do everything we can to find them and give you the best possible experience. Our seal safari tour gives you a unique opportunity to learn more about these fascinating animals and see them in their natural environment. Come and experience it for yourself, and create memories for life!


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Seaweed safari with marine biologist

Meet our expert and marine biologist, learn how to harvest seaweed in the wild and experience tasting and cooking. With us, you can learn all about seaweed, from its different species to its importance as a key part of the food of the future. We strongly believe that seaweed will play a crucial role in sustainable food production in the future. Group of at least 6 people. To book, email us your request.