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Before your visit

Are there reserved parking spaces for Pater Noster guests on the mainland?

No, but there are parking spaces for the public in the immediate area around pick-up points. Refer to Google Maps and plan your time to find parking, especially during peak season. There are more guests on the rib boat and we appreciate that everyone respects the agreed departure time.

Is rainwear available on the island?

There are Grundéns raincoats, sou'westers (rain hats), and Grundéns fishing clothes available to borrow on the island.

How many rooms of each category are there on the island?

5 double rooms for max 2 persons - 3 triple rooms for max 2 adults and 2 children - The Bakery Cottage (Mini suite) for max 2 adults. All rooms have a double bed that can be separated into single beds, except in the the Bakery Cottage which cannot be separated.

Can I visit the island during the day?

The summer café is open from July to mid-August, when the weather is nice. We post current opening hours on Instagram and Facebook, follow us there. Everyone is welcome to the extent of capacity in our small harbor, however, max 2h harbor place. It is a small guest harbor and a rotating visitor opportunity is needed. It is not possible to book a berth. Respect the RESERVED place in the harbor, it is dedicated to the business. If you want to be on the island for a full day to sunbathe and swim, we ask you to dock at the rocks and consider the island as a regular natural harbor.

Can I bring my own boat as a hotel guest?

Yes, as long as there is space in the port and it is safe to dock. When you book your hotel room, we'll give you information on port depths and tips on the best way to enter the port. Please let us know 3h before your planned arrival time. We will then have time to free up a place in the harbour for you, help you with the docking and welcome you to the island. Please note the cancellation conditions.

When is the hotel open for group bookings and conferences?

We arrange group bookings, conferences and events all year round for groups up to 150 people.

When is the hotel open for private guests?

We are open weekends April-November, during the summer period we are open both weekdays and weekends. See available dates in the calendar in our online booking. If your desired date is not available in the calendar, you are always welcome to email us your request to review the possibilities. For group bookings and conferences we are open all year round, weekdays and weekends.

If I don't eat shellfish/am allergic, are there alternatives for me?

It does, as long as we have received information well in advance so that we can handle all the logistics of buying food and transporting it to the island. Ideally, we would like to receive the information at least one week before the arrival date.

What is included in the stay?

We offer different accommodation packages but your stay always includes RIB transportation round trip, breakfast, dinner, guided tour of the island, bathrobe, towel & slippers, sauna and heated hot tubs.

Is the crossing from Rönnäng quieter than from Koön/Marstrand?

Crossing with RIB from Rönnäng, on Tjörn gives a smoother crossing. The skerries shade the sea which influences the sea to behave somewhat calmer.

Is the hotel dog-friendly?

In our Fyrbiträdes rooms overlooking the courtyard, dogs are welcome. In order to preserve our beautiful island as a nature reserve, we would like to remind you that dogs must be kept on a leash throughout their stay. We also ask that dogs are not taken into public areas such as the Lighthouse Master's living room or dining room, where dogs are not welcome. However, the boathouse is a place where dogs are welcome and can relax. We also want to inform you that it is the owner's responsibility to ensure that the dog has a life jacket on the RIB tour. This is to ensure a safe and secure transportation.

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Questions about transport

Day visit, how do I book transport to the island if I want to visit the café and go up to the lighthouse?

Get in touch directly with the island's partners with skippers who are guaranteed to have harbor space and the right officers and certificates on the boats. These are +46 (0)709- 72 95 81 and +46 (0)708 39 47 41.

Are there recommendations for luggage?

You are asked to pack in soft, waterproof or unopened bags, as both the boat and helicopter have limited cargo space. On the RIB boat there are flotation suits / life jackets to borrow. Remember to wear shoes that can withstand a little wetness and pack an extra pair for changing on the island. Bring hats & mittens and swimwear, depending on the season.

Are there life jackets on the boat?

There is equipment such as flotation suits & life jackets on board in different sizes that are lent by the skipper. Life jackets for children and the need for larger sizes such as XXXL should be notified when booking. We recommend to bring a hat and mittens in cold weather and wear waterproof shoes on board. If you bring your dog, it is the owner's responsibility to bring a life jacket for the dog.

Is there a ferry to Pater Noster?

No, to reach us, please contact us by email or contact directly the island's partners with skippers who are guaranteed to have port facilities and the right ship's officers and certificates on the boats. These are +46 (0)709- 72 95 81 and +46 (0)708 39 47 41.

How fast does the RIB boat go?

Transportation is at desired speed - the guest decides. On board are life jackets, life jackets and goggles depending on the season. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring an extra pair to the island as there is a risk of splashing water. As there are more guests on board, everyone appreciates that you respect the agreed departure time. If you arrive with car, we ask you to plan extra time to find parking in the area. If there is a need for larger flotation suits such as XXXL, the skipper wishes to take part in the booking.

How long does it take to get to the island by RIB?

The island is about 15-20min by RIB whether you come from Tjörn from the north or Marstrand from the south.

How to get to Pater Noster?

You can choose between RIB boat from Marstrand or Rönnäng or helicopter service from Säve Airport / Landvetter Airport. We arrange pre-ordered pick up with VIP Car Service and hotel transport via our partners with skippers who are guaranteed to have a harbor berth and the right ship's officer and certificate on the boats.

questions & answers

Other frequently asked questions

Do you offer conferences on the island?

Yes, we offer overnight conferences, conferences with activities, day conferences and corporate events according to your wishes. Conference and group bookings are made on the island all year round. Read more under "Conference" or email your conference request directly to

Are there Pater Noster shirts available to buy?

Yes, it is. There are also Pater Noster yoga mats, hats, caps and polo shirts made from Tencel and Seaqual Ocean Waste materials. Together for a clean ocean! If you also want to be an ambassador for the ocean, email us at to buy a shirt. Available in women & men in different sizes.

Is there activity equipment to borrow on the island?

There are Pater Noster yoga mats that can be borrowed or purchased to do yoga on the rocks or in the lighthouse. We have fishing rods that can be borrowed to try your luck fishing from the island and snorkeling equipment from Poseidon that gives the opportunity to see beautiful seaweed, fish and shellfish under the sea surface.

What does your menu look like in the summer café?

The menu consists of some standard dishes that are always available and some dishes that change every week depending on the ingredients and catch. The summer café is open July-August.

Can you get to the island with your own boat and enjoy the island?

Yes, as long as there is space in the port and it is safe to dock. The guest harbour has a maximum of 2h for visits. It is a small guest port and a rotating visitor facility is needed. It is not possible to book a berth. Please RESERVE the space in the harbour, it is dedicated to the business. If you wish to be on the island to sunbathe and swim, we ask you to moor at the rocks and consider the island as a normal natural harbour.

Do you serve dinner at Pater Noster?

Yes, we welcome pre-booked dinner guests in the company of at least 6 adults. If children are in the same party, we offer a nice customized 3-course children's menu. When booking, we will ask for prepayment via invoice or swish.

booking & payment conditions

Frequently asked questions about booking & payment terms

Do I have the same cancellation conditions if I come with my own boat as when I book arranged transport?

No, you do not. If you find on the same day that you cannot use your boat out to the island Hamneskär and you cancel your stay, you will be charged the full value of the stay excluding drinks. In the case of booked arranged transport, if our skipper considers that it is not suitable to enter the port of Hamneskär due to strong winds, the guest is entitled to have the booking made and can be used at a later date during one year from the date of confirmation of the booking. See more information "Conditions"

Do you have a travel guarantee?

We have arranged a travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet. This means you can get compensation if your trip is canceled or interrupted if we become insolvent.

How long is the gift card valid?

The gift card is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Do you take American Express?

Yes, you can pay for your booking with your American Express via payment link and use the card for purchases on the island.

Why am I charged when booking?

To be able to maintain the standard we want to offer our guests, it requires good planning and preparation. Raw products must be purchased and transported to the island in good time, the chef needs to prepare - fish must be caught, shrimp must be trawled, crabs must be caught, seaweed must be harvested. We want to ensure a culinary experience for our guests as much as our own sustainable business operations.

What is your cancellation policy?

In case of cancellation 60 days before arrival, 25% of the total amount of the cancellation will be charged. For cancellations made between 30 days and 15 days before arrival, 75% of the total amount of the booking will be charged. Cancellations made less than 14 days before arrival will be charged 100% of the total amount of the booking. With our cancellation insurance, you can cancel without reason up to 2 weeks before arrival and receive a full refund except for the cancellation insurance premium. If the weather does not permit departure to Hamneskär and our skipper deems it impossible to call at Hamneskär harbour, helicopter service is offered on request for price or a pending booking that can be used within 12 months.

Room & Environment

Frequently asked questions about room & environment

Is there a baby travel cot on the island?

A travel cot and high chair are available for use.

Are you open all year round?

We accept requests for group bookings and conferences all year round. Our private accommodation packages are available from April to November.

Does each room have its own shower and toilet?

No, it varies. The Bakery Cottage (Mini suite) has its own shower and toilet. The Teacher's room (no. 6) has a private toilet and sink in the room, and access to a shared bathroom with shower. The other rooms have access to a shared bathroom that is shared between 2-3 rooms. There is also an outdoor shower on the island.

How many people can stay in each room?

2 adults and 2 children in the lighthouse master's room // 2 adults in the lighthouse keeper's room // 2 adults in the Bakery Cottage, mini-suite. We have 9 rooms with a total of 24 beds.

How many rooms and beds are on the island?

There are 9 rooms on the island with a total of 24 beds divided into 5 double rooms for a maximum of 2 adults / 3 family rooms for 2 adults and 2 children / The Bakery Cottage (mini suite) for 2 adults. All rooms have Twin beds that can be separated into 2 single beds, except in the Bakery Cottage where there is a King size bed that cannot be separated.

If I am not a hotel guest, can I visit all the buildings on the island?

You are welcome to visit the lighthouse and its exhibition, the entrance fee is paid on site. The other buildings are for the operation and its overnight guests. Respect their privacy by keeping your distance from the house and courtyard. The right of public access applies on the island, but also the right to privacy around the buildings. There is an information board in the harbor.

What kind of conference room do you have?

The island has four different conference rooms in different historical settings. Read more about the facilities and capacity under "Conference".

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