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A home on the horizon

For more than a hundred years they lived out here, on the terms of the island and the sea. Now the door to the Lighthouse Master's home has been reopened. A destination for seafarers from near and far, for nature lovers and pleasure seekers, for those who seek tranquillity or community. Enjoyment in a place where the senses are enhanced.

We welcome requests for group bookings and conferences all year round. Our private accommodation packages are available during April - November.

After careful renovation, the old Lighthouse Master's home has been transformed into an international and award-winning hotel, with awards such as World's Best Hotel Concept 2021 and Stora Turismpriset 2022.

The hotel offers 9 well-designed rooms with beautiful views and sleeping beds for up to 24 guests.

Stay at Pater Noster

Outdoor bed at Pater NosterOutdoor bed at Pater NosterOutdoor bed at Pater NosterOutdoor bed at Pater NosterOutdoor bed at Pater Noster
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Outdoor bed

Pater Noster Lighthouse Hotel HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hotel HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hotel HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hotel HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hotel Hamneskär
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Living on the island

Pater Noster Lighthouse HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hamneskär
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Pater Noster HamneskärPater Noster HamneskärPater Noster HamneskärPater Noster HamneskärPater Noster Hamneskär
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Private island

Events at
Pater Noster

Below you will find information on current and upcoming events on the island.

Gift card

Dream today, experience tomorrow

Encourage or celebrate your colleague, surprise your loved one, congratulate your friend, woo or just pamper someone who is a bit adventurous.

Give the gift of an unforgettable experience in a nature reserve, in an isolated location at the edge of the sea. A unique adventure with outdoor experiences, swimming and sauna with hot and cold baths, tasty food experiences and relaxation. The island offers moments for everyone.

meetings & conference

A place for community

Pater Noster offers many forms, seasons and possibilities. It is the perfect place for everything from exclusive conferences, corporate events, photo shoots and TV recordings to holiday celebrations, birthdays and weddings.

We arrange events and bookings all year round for groups of up to 150 people, including transportation to and from the island.

Let Pater Noster be the place for your next memorable event, where the possibilities are as diverse as the island itself. A warm welcome to your inquiry.

Our kitchen

Where your senses are enhanced

The place where the wind is fresher, the water is saltier and the seafood is fresher, you can enjoy unique dining experiences. We prioritize using organic ingredients from our local area, especially from the ocean's pantry.

Naturally, our kitchen focuses on fish and shellfish caught in the Kattegat and Skagerrak. In addition, mussels, oysters and the beautiful, flavorful seaweed are used in many creative ways by our eminent chef.


For over 150 years, the Pater Noster lighthouse has guided sailors in Sweden's most dangerous waters. It was built in 1868 on the island of Hamneskär by acclaimed engineer Gustav von Heidenstam, the same man who developed lighthouse systems around the Swedish coast. Today the lighthouse is a unique destination in the outer archipelago.

Photograph of Pater Noster from above

At Pater Noster we care about your comfort and want to give you a good night's sleep. That's why we have chosen to have DUX beds in all our rooms. The Swedish-designed bed has one goal, to deliver deep, restful sleep with perfect comfort so that you wake up refreshed and ready for the next day's experiences on the island. To find out more about the full range of DUX beds and furniture, click onwards.

Most interested in the sea around the island is Royal Court supplier Poseidon Diving Systems, which develops state-of-the-art products for all categories of divers. Since 1958, the Gothenburg-based company has been inventing groundbreaking equipment and pushing both technology and design. Discover the wonders of the sea and the moments that surround them during your stay with us with equipment from Poseidon.

In 2020, designers at Stylt transformed the former residence of generations of lighthouse keepers into a unique and personalized boutique hotel. Located on an isolated and windswept island on the west coast of Sweden, the house was built in 1868 at the same time as the lighthouse Pater Noster. Stylt created the interior design concept using the island's dramatic history, its former inhabitants and the surrounding nature as sources of inspiration.

Over 70 years have passed since the Swedish founder of Tylö built his first sauna heater. With solid traditions in craftsmanship, long experience and pride in its heritage, Tylö offers unique sauna experiences - something that we at Pater Noster fell in love with and thought suited our genuine and unique archipelago environment particularly well.


With the help of our friends, we have created that special feeling that highlights and enhances the history of Pater Noster and the lighthouse families. All our friends are deeply in love with the place and interested in the history of life on the island. Their strong commitment helps us to deliver the highest quality and make your experience unique and memorable. and memorable.


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