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Conference on the island

At the edge of the sea

In a secluded spot in the middle of the sea, in a nature reserve steeped in history and far from the lights and noise of the city, we offer experiences that make for lifelong memories. Enjoy the exclusivity of a hotel that feels like a private island.

Be inspired in a unique and barren environment that provides space for creative meetings and rewarding conferences. Experience qualitative food experiences characterized by the sea and relax with hot & cold baths and sauna with a wonderful view of the horizon. Here you are offered great hospitality, generosity and community.

The island has 9 beautiful rooms with a total of 24 beds, as well as 4 different conference rooms in historical settings.

Conference experiences

  • Conference with overnight stay & full board
  • Day conference with half board
  • Conference with activity
  • Lobster fishing with conference
  • Corporate events on request

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Below is a program proposal. The experience is customized according to your wishes and needs.

Conference including accommodation, full board & RIB round trip

Price from 9 000 SEK/person

Day of arrival

  • RIB tour to the island
  • Arrival and coffee break at 10.30 a.m.
  • Conference
  • Lunch
  • Guided tour of the island
  • Conference
  • Lighthouse visits
  • Lounge/sauna/heated hot tubs
  • Welcome champagne in the wine cellar
  • Four-course dinner in the boathouse

Departure date

  • Morning dip in the sea or hot tubs
  • Homemade breakfast in the Lighthouse Master's home
  • Conference
  • Return journey at 10.30

Day conference including half board

Price from 6 000 SEK/person

  • RIB tour to the island
  • Fika
  • Conference
  • Activity and lunch
  • Guided tour and lighthouse visit
  • Conference
  • Champagne in the wine cellar
  • Three-course dinner in the boathouse
  • RIB trip to the mainland
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The old Foghorn House

Conference room with 360° sea view

The old Mistletoe House is a detached house of about 30 square meters next to the lighthouse. The mistletoe remains on the house and has prevented many tragedies. Conference in peace and quiet and gather energy from the fantastic sea view that surrounds you.

Capacity and facilities

  • Tables with up to 20 seats
  • Cinema seating max 20 people
  • School seating max 20 people
  • 75" screen incl adapter and sound
  • Large wall-mounted writing pads
  • Pens and blocks
  • Wifi 4G

Lighthouse Master's Boathouse

Large room

Our largest room is a large and unique boathouse that the lighthouse keepers used as a tool shed and as a boathouse for the boats in the winter. Here you sit in a quiet and cozy environment that contributes to creativity.

Capacity and facilities

  • Seating for up to 46 people
  • Screen 70"
  • Notebooks and pens
  • Wifi 4G

The old gunpowder house

Creator's cottage with sea view

Sit and look out over the endless horizon and the seal colony on the island. A magical place to find inspiration, motivation and creativity. In the gunpowder house, the gunpowder for the two Mist cannons was stored, which were used in case of fog, to warn the captain on board of the Pater Noster skerries.

Capacity and facilities

  • Seating for up to 10 people
  • Notebooks and pens
  • A magical view
  • Paraffin lamps
  • No electricity

The lighthouse master's dining room

Meeting around the dining table

Feel the sense of history in the Lighthouse Master's dining room. In the past, while a ship was at anchor, it was common for the lighthouse keeper to invite the ship's captain to dinner. Here, in the Lighthouse Master's dining room, the lighthouse people received news from the shore - sometimes their only contact with the outside world.

Capacity and facilities

  • Screen 70" with adapter
  • Block on wall
  • Wifi 4G
  • Notebooks and pens

The Lighthouse Garden

Outdoor conference by the sea

The old lighthouse garden belonged to the lighthouse master. Today, flowers and vegetables grow here while birds nest in the stone wall. This idyllic place is enclosed by a fence to reduce the wind that often blows on the island. Let your thoughts and ideas flow freely in an open environment with stunning views.

in the garden

  • Sea and island views
  • Tables & chairs
  • Fresh air
  • Peace of mind