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An extraordinary arrival

Pater Noster, where the senses are enhanced

Whatever the season and weather, the island is a unique destination. All you have to do is land and meet Mother Nature for an unforgettable experience.

After careful renovation, the lighthouse master's home has been transformed into an award-winning hotel at the edge of the sea on Sweden's west coast. With hand-picked, tasteful decor and the ambition to let the sea and nature characterize your impressions.

There are 9 well-designed rooms with beautiful views and sleeping accommodation for 24 guests. Our accommodation package includes full board and RIB transportation.

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The journey out to the island and the lighthouse Pater Noster is an experience in itself. Out on the fjord, we see Carlsten's fortress on Marstrand slowly fade away in the east, and our eyes turn west. Then it appears like a spire on the horizon - the king of lighthouses - Pater Noster. We enter the small harbor and are welcomed by the first stories about the island, the lighthouse and its dramatic history.

After checking in and feeling settled, we are ready for a tour of the island. We will learn more about the lighthouse people, the houses, the lighthouse and how this small mini-community lived on the island. This tour can end in the old food cellar where champagne is served.

Now there is time for lunch, where we sit depends on the weather. It's all about living on the island's terms.

For coffee we drink Pater Noster's coffee, produced by a small, well-known coffee roastery in Gothenburg, which has selected an organic bean quality with light roasting that goes perfectly with the water and gives a wonderful taste experience.

The water we use on the island is desalinated and purified seawater and we consider it the island's luxury good.

The afternoon offers the opportunity to socialise, with salty baths guaranteed, both in the sea and in the two heated saltwater tubs. From here, a magical view of the horizon towards Denmark, the cobbles where the seals have their favourite haunts, Carlsten Fortress and the island's mighty lighthouse Pater Noster. For those who want to take a lovely sauna bath and soak in the warmth, you will also enjoy a wonderful view of the horizon.

Those who don't want to swim but would rather retreat to read a book, paint or just be at peace, will certainly find their special place on the island and enjoy the view, the freshness of the air and the intense presence of wild nature.

The lighthouse is open, you might want to take advantage of the moment and do a nice meditation yoga at 32 meters, or why not a massage*, we guarantee it's hard to close your eyes. The view from the lighthouse offers different lights, sounds, smells and nature with many different facets and impressions. There are no filters here, just 100% authenticity. We can go up here on several occasions during our stay to experience the day and evening, sunset and sunrise.

In the evening, we set the table for dinner and sit down in the lighthouse master's dining room, in his boathouse - or if the weather is good - in the courtyard. The evening's meal includes an appetizer amuse, and entree with a focus on locally produced ingredients depending on the season. This is followed by a sumptuous seafood platter with lovely accompaniments such as freshly baked bread, homemade seaweed mayonnaise made with seaweed and a butter with reed kelp. After a wonderful dining experience, a delicious homemade dessert is served.

After dinner there will be island coffee and maybe something strong in the lighthouse master's lounge. And the evening has only just begun...

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Time to go

Wake up to the sound of the waves and the shrine of the seagulls

Wake up to the sound of waves and seagulls, pull up the curtain and look out over a glittering sea, Carlsten's fortress on Marstrand, which is far away, the changing sun and the feeling that you don't have to run up to the lighthouse and work. Stay a while longer or take a refreshing morning dip in the sea. Afterwards, a hearty breakfast is served with homemade breakfast bread, scones and homemade lemon curd and a lot of other good accessories.

private island

Rent on the horizon

Do you want to enjoy an exclusive and isolated place with your loved ones, where you can be completely private?

Experience our private island package. Accommodation for 18 people, private chef and staff for one day is included.

Interested? Email us your request.

Transport to the island

Helicopter or RIB

How do you reach a lonely, isolated islet at the far end of the sea? We'll make sure you get out safely and securely using our helicopter service or by RIB. The journey out to the island and the lighthouse Pater Noster is an experience in itself. Experiencing the west coast from the sky or from the sea is another dimension of nature experience.

Outdoor bed

With infinite ceiling height

Get even closer to nature by booking the comfortable Dux bed, located outdoors at the top of a cliff. Sleep under the open sky with sparkling stars and moonlight as a backdrop. Sunset, the moon, the dark beauty, birdsong, wind and sea, it's like paradise. The perfect place for a romantic stay or for a wonderful nature experience.

Out here there is nothing that can affect the light, which makes the stars sparkle like diamonds - and there are no mosquitoes, snakes, ticks or mice.

The bed is booked as an additional option in connection with the room booking and applies during the summer period.

To experience

Wine tasting

The old food cellar on the island now serves as the Pater Noster wine cellar. Here we offer wine tasting with perhaps the world's best view.

Our tastings are put together by our sommelier Anders who loves to "talk wine". The wine tastings are held at a relaxed level where we usually focus more on conversations about wine and wine production etc. than on looking for exact scents and aromas.

We have a passionate interest in several different themes when it comes to wine. We are fascinated by sustainable vineyards, local wine producers such as Wine Mechanics. We are also particularly interested in wines from islands, such as Sicily, Sardinia and the Canary Islands. We love exploring how the same grape can taste different depending on the country it comes from and the production methods used.

Pater Noster Hamneskär

To experience

Photo exhibition under the open sky

Welcome to experience spectacular photography on an isolated island. Art & Science of Water is a celebration of the sea and water on our planet. The photos are from the international art photographers Christy Lee Rogers and the documentary photographers Ulrika and Lukasz Larsson Warzecha. The exhibition is shown outdoors in the free nature of the island and in the world's smallest art hall - Pater Noster Art Hall. Exhibition period May - September. The exhibition can be experienced in connection with a hotel stay, conference or day trip during the summer.

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Pater Noster Hamneskär

To experience

Sea kayaking around islets and islets

Paddle about 2h with a guide in a sea kayak among the islets and islets around Pater Noster. Enjoy the salty winds as we gently glide through the Paternoster Archipelago and its surrounding islands. We may be joined by curious seals on the tour as we paddle out into the far reaches of the coastline, exploring the archipelago via small straits and coves where only a kayak can reach.

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Pater Noster Lighthouse RIB

To experience

Coastal experience with speed

Get a true West Coast experience with an ocean tour that can take from 1-3 hours. Experience all that the West Coast has to offer for the day and come with high expectations! Around Pater Noster there are seals, porpoises, works of art and sunsets that trigger each other depending on the weather and time of day. We travel in a rib boat and you decide the length of the trip, number of stops on the way and speed.

Sea fishing Pater Noster

To experience

Fishing trip with a fisherman

One of the few remaining professional fishermen on Marstrand offers a unique experience for fishing enthusiasts. During the fishing season from May to October, he shows his favorite fishing spots and shares his best tips for a successful fishing trip. Game fishing is popular and it is common to catch cod, mackerel, saithe, dogfish, butterfly and ling. The outer reefs around Pater Noster at a depth of 15-40 meters is usually the fishing area. During the lobster fishing season in October there is a different type of fishing, where you can catch lobsters in traps placed on the seabed. A really exciting and educational activity for anyone who loves fishing and wants to discover the best fishing on the West Coast.

Seals outside Pater Noster lighthouse

To experience

Seal safari

Seals are fascinating animals that are known to be skilled hunters and spend most of the day hunting for fish and seafood. Our seal safari tour gives you a unique opportunity to learn more about these fascinating animals and see them in their natural environment. Come and experience it for yourself, and create memories for life!

Seaweed Pater Noster

To experience

Seaweed safari with marine biologist

Meet our expert and marine biologist, learn how to harvest seaweed in the wild and experience tasting and cooking. Here you can learn all about seaweed, from its different species to its importance as a key part of the food of the future. We strongly believe that seaweed will play a crucial role in sustainable food production in the future. Group of at least 6 people.


booking & payment conditions

Frequently asked questions about booking & payment terms

Do I have the same cancellation conditions if I come with my own boat as when I book arranged transport?

No, you do not. If you find on the same day that you cannot use your boat out to the island Hamneskär and you cancel your stay, you will be charged the full value of the stay excluding drinks. In the case of booked arranged transport, if our skipper considers that it is not suitable to enter the port of Hamneskär due to strong winds, the guest is entitled to have the booking made and can be used at a later date during one year from the date of confirmation of the booking. See more information "Conditions"

Do you have a travel guarantee?

We have arranged a travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet. This means you can get compensation if your trip is canceled or interrupted if we become insolvent.

How long is the gift card valid?

The gift card is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Do you take American Express?

Yes, you can pay for your booking with your American Express via payment link and use the card for purchases on the island.

Why am I charged when booking?

To be able to maintain the standard we want to offer our guests, it requires good planning and preparation. Raw products must be purchased and transported to the island in good time, the chef needs to prepare - fish must be caught, shrimp must be trawled, crabs must be caught, seaweed must be harvested. We want to ensure a culinary experience for our guests as much as our own sustainable business operations.

What is your cancellation policy?

In case of cancellation 60 days before arrival, 25% of the total amount of the cancellation will be charged. For cancellations made between 30 days and 15 days before arrival, 75% of the total amount of the booking will be charged. Cancellations made less than 14 days before arrival will be charged 100% of the total amount of the booking. With our cancellation insurance, you can cancel without reason up to 2 weeks before arrival and receive a full refund except for the cancellation insurance premium. If the weather does not permit departure to Hamneskär and our skipper deems it impossible to call at Hamneskär harbour, helicopter service is offered on request for price or a pending booking that can be used within 12 months.

Stay at Pater Noster

Outdoor bed at Pater NosterOutdoor bed at Pater NosterOutdoor bed at Pater NosterOutdoor bed at Pater NosterOutdoor bed at Pater Noster
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Outdoor bed

Pater Noster Lighthouse Hotel HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hotel HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hotel HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hotel HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hotel Hamneskär
Price from.
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Living on the island

Pater Noster Lighthouse HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse HamneskärPater Noster Lighthouse Hamneskär
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Pater Noster HamneskärPater Noster HamneskärPater Noster HamneskärPater Noster HamneskärPater Noster Hamneskär
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Private island

questions & answers

Before your visit

Are there reserved parking spaces for Pater Noster guests on the mainland?

No, but there are parking spaces for the public in the immediate area around pick-up points. Refer to Google Maps and plan your time to find parking, especially during peak season. There are more guests on the rib boat and we appreciate that everyone respects the agreed departure time.

Is rainwear available on the island?

There are Grundéns raincoats, sou'westers (rain hats), and Grundéns fishing clothes available to borrow on the island.

How many rooms of each category are there on the island?

5 double rooms for max 2 persons - 3 triple rooms for max 2 adults and 2 children - The Bakery Cottage (Mini suite) for max 2 adults. All rooms have a double bed that can be separated into single beds, except in the the Bakery Cottage which cannot be separated.

Can I visit the island during the day?

The summer café is open from July to mid-August, when the weather is nice. We post current opening hours on Instagram and Facebook, follow us there. Everyone is welcome to the extent of capacity in our small harbor, however, max 2h harbor place. It is a small guest harbor and a rotating visitor opportunity is needed. It is not possible to book a berth. Respect the RESERVED place in the harbor, it is dedicated to the business. If you want to be on the island for a full day to sunbathe and swim, we ask you to dock at the rocks and consider the island as a regular natural harbor.

Can I bring my own boat as a hotel guest?

Yes, as long as there is space in the port and it is safe to dock. When you book your hotel room, we'll give you information on port depths and tips on the best way to enter the port. Please let us know 3h before your planned arrival time. We will then have time to free up a place in the harbour for you, help you with the docking and welcome you to the island. Please note the cancellation conditions.

When is the hotel open for group bookings and conferences?

We arrange group bookings, conferences and events all year round for groups up to 150 people.

When is the hotel open for private guests?

We are open weekends April-November, during the summer period we are open both weekdays and weekends. See available dates in the calendar in our online booking. If your desired date is not available in the calendar, you are always welcome to email us your request to review the possibilities. For group bookings and conferences we are open all year round, weekdays and weekends.

If I don't eat shellfish/am allergic, are there alternatives for me?

It does, as long as we have received information well in advance so that we can handle all the logistics of buying food and transporting it to the island. Ideally, we would like to receive the information at least one week before the arrival date.

What is included in the stay?

We offer different accommodation packages but your stay always includes RIB transportation round trip, breakfast, dinner, guided tour of the island, bathrobe, towel & slippers, sauna and heated hot tubs.

Is the crossing from Rönnäng quieter than from Koön/Marstrand?

Crossing with RIB from Rönnäng, on Tjörn gives a smoother crossing. The skerries shade the sea which influences the sea to behave somewhat calmer.

Is the hotel dog-friendly?

In our Fyrbiträdes rooms overlooking the courtyard, dogs are welcome. In order to preserve our beautiful island as a nature reserve, we would like to remind you that dogs must be kept on a leash throughout their stay. We also ask that dogs are not taken into public areas such as the Lighthouse Master's living room or dining room, where dogs are not welcome. However, the boathouse is a place where dogs are welcome and can relax. We also want to inform you that it is the owner's responsibility to ensure that the dog has a life jacket on the RIB tour. This is to ensure a safe and secure transportation.