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Pater Noster - with respect for our nature

Our business exists on the terms of the sea and nature, so acting responsibly, thinking long-term and constantly working to improve sustainability issues are key to us. We strive to ensure that both we and our guests have as little impact as possible on the environment.

Our strategy includes respecting the UN's Global Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation, and Goal 14: Life below water.

We have our own water plant that desalinates and purifies seawater for drinking, and we have a goal to start our own production of salt and seaweed products. We take advantage of what the sea offers and live as close to nature as possible. Of course, we prefer to choose local suppliers of raw materials who themselves work with sustainability and respect for the environment - in order to get as much locally produced and organic as possible into the business.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production also shapes the way we design our operations. For example, our interior design concept contains 70% recycled vintage design and only 30% new.

On the island, we also source-separate our garbage, and we try to reduce the purchase of glass and PET bottles by making our own lemonade, using soda straighteners. Of course, we try to minimize the number of plastic products, and we aim to install solar panels to control our energy consumption.

We compost or give away food from the restaurant and café.

The heating is turned off in all rooms and facilities that are not in use. We reduce the consumption of hot water on the premises by using hot water controllers.

All administration is done digitally to save the environment.

Our sustainability mindset also permeates the way we look at the workforce. Many of our employees are young people from the local area, who gain a wide range of professional experience by working for us. We train our staff in several areas so that they become part of our inclusive business, which is characterised by tolerance, equality and respect. We also contribute financially to various organisations and foundations aimed at children and young people who need a bit of a boost in their everyday lives.