We who love Pater Noster

The adventurers who thought it was a good idea

As West Coast natives, the five of us who run Pater Noster have a great love for this place. We aspire to highlight the history and life of the island as it has been for 150 years. We live and breathe the salty breezes, the fresh air and are inspired by the winds of history.

Mirja Lilja Hagsjö

She lives on the mainland near Marstrand. Trained as a ship's officer and HSF. She loves the sea and the west coast, having grown up in a small fishing community on the west coast and spent summers on the rocks and sea for most of her life. Her previous experience from running international projects in the experience industry comes in handy in this context. CEO and has operational responsibility together with Anders.

Anders Rasmusson

Anders is passionate about food and drink. With many years of experience and knowledge of the restaurant industry and wine production in Gothenburg, he is the island's sommelier and shares the operational responsibility with Mirja. He currently lives on an island not far from Hamneskär and grew up on Hällevikstrand on the Swedish west coast. Trained as a ship's officer and HSF, he loves the archipelago as much as the other owners.

Erik Nissen Johansen

"A fisherman trapped in a hotel designer's body" - He's been lobstering around Pater Noster for as long as he can remember, and was fired up when he heard about the possibility of breathing life back into the old lighthouse master residence. His keen sense of design and his background as an award-winning architect at Stylt Trampoli have helped to recreate the unique feel of the buildings on the island. He is responsible for the island's PR & media.

Carl Sylvan

The seasoned skipper, with an unrivaled knowledge of even the unpredictable Marstrand fjord, ensures guests' safe and enjoyable journey to Hamneskär island. He is a veteran 49er sailor with Olympic aspirations, and runs the Head4Waves RIB company with his wife on the coast. They offer exciting RIB tours along the coast, with options for high-speed or more relaxed experiences.

Olle Langenius