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With the sea as inspiration and food as passion

Opening hours - July to mid-August
As we exist on nature's terms, Sjöboden's summer café is open when the weather permits, on different days and times depending on the season.
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Experience the island
Feel free to talk to our staff about requests and ordering food, any allergies and special diets. Feel free to borrow a picnic basket, buy your coffee and sit on the rocks and enjoy the coffee after a swim in the sea or enjoy lunch in the courtyard of the lighthouse master.

Get here

If you come with your own boat, there is a guest harbor for visits to the café for a maximum of 2 hours, it then allows for rotation in the harbor and that everyone gets an opportunity to experience the island. The harbor is small and requires great seamanship in windy weather. Feel free to call our skippers who solve your transport, see more information under the tab Transport.

Pre-booked 5-course dinners with drink packages
We accept pre-booked dinner guests with at least 6 adults in the company. Read more about our kitchen and our ambitions below.

The kitchen

Our ambition

At Pater Noster, of course, the sea is our biggest source of inspiration. From the sea we take treasures that our chef transforms into new delicacies.

We serve food with a focus on the highest quality - both in terms of all our ingredients and the way we prepare them. Pater Noster offers a menu that changes according to the season.

Our ambition is that, in addition to a great meal, you as a guest will also take away something more, something new, something educational. It could be the first encounter with seaweed, it could be learning about other exciting new ingredients from the sea, or it could be a history lesson in what was eaten on the island 100 years ago.

Our chef Johan Bengtsson, pictured right, is not only an experienced and hugely skilled chef, but also a trained marine biologist and professional diver for many years. Johan's knowledge of the sea's pantry, combined with his curiosity and skill as a chef, results in menus with a unique touch - combining modern cuisine with the classic.
We love watching him dive into the sea and harvest seaweed, which becomes a unique flavouring in our dishes but also in our baked goods.

The Wine Cellar

The lighthouse people's food cellar

We are proud of our wine cellar at Pater Noster, as well as our knowledgeable sommelier and co-owner Anders, who buys wines of the highest quality and keeps our selection up to date. Above all, he ensures that each wine matches and enhances your taste experience.
Our wine list is constantly changing, but always includes our very own, specially imported and unique champagne, which can only be enjoyed here at Pater Noster. We also brew our own Pater Noster beer in Gothenburg.

If you are interested in exclusive tastings with unique champagnes and wines, email us your request.


Below you will find information on current and upcoming events on the island.